“In a civilized and cultivated country, wild animals only continue to exist at all when preserved by sportsmen”.
-Theodore Roosevelt

In the outdoors, every adventure begins with compliance to the laws that allow us the privilege of carrying on our heritage. HunterShield ensures that the rights of sportspersons will be protected.

Everyday, even the most law abiding sportsmen find themselves unintentionally breaking a law. Hunting and fishing is a pastime full of tradition, but the wildlife laws are numerous. Breaking even one can put you at risk. Without proper legal representation, a violation could cost you time and money, your hunting rights, or even jail time.

All Sportsmen Need Legal Protection


Complete legal protection, criminal and civil, arising from unintentional wildlife violations and accidents in the field. From home to field, HunterShield has your back.

Access to the largest network of experienced attorneys who understand wildlife laws and are ready to defend your rights.



The majority of sportsmen are honest, law abiding citizens.

However, wildlife laws are complicated. You need someone that can accurately interpret the laws and protect your rights. Even the smallest wildlife infraction can cost you your privileges for life!

HunterShield offers the largest network of Independent Program Attorneys experienced in hunting and fishing laws… Attorneys that are sportsmen themselves.

By providing hunters and anglers with quality education and protection, we can protect our lands and wildlife.

Why you should have HunterShield

Whether you are a seasoned hunter or novice to the sport, accidents and mistakes happen. HunterShield offers legal protection from unintentional wildlife violations arising from hunting and fishing activities.

Education is Key

We believe education is key in preventing incidents in the field. Featuring Independent Program Attorneys, we have developed workshops, seminars, videos, and articles that make wildlife laws easy to understand.

You preserve our lands, we preserve your rights.

Preserve Our Legacy

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